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Home Cinemas (Theaters)

Live the innovation

Home cinemas (Theaters) provide the ultimate home entertainment experience. Imagine watching your favorite film on a 2-story tall screen with booming surround sound. Customer satisfaction ratings for our products are at 97% with no negative reviews.

A room can be transformed into a movie theater by following these simple steps. First, choose from our wide range of premium installation packages that are customizable. Next, we'll work with you to custom-design a home cinema system that meets the specific needs of your family and space. Finally, we'll set up your Home Cinema and professionally calibrate it with the latest audio/visual equipment so you can sit back and enjoy movies of amazing quality!

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Do you have a Home cinema in mind?

Design and installation

MLS is an expert in the home cinema design and installation using the “A to Z solution”. We will work with you to ensure that your experience is satisfactory and enjoyable.

We will help you finalize the right entertainment system, room layout design, and technology for your space. We offer everything from installation, service, and maintenance to streaming, internet connectivity, and audio visual

Audio Video calibration

As the go-to company in home cinema design and installation, we offer complete packages that include industry-leading speakers, high-definition projectors, and the top A/V receivers. Our award-winning team of experts can turn any space into a luxury home theater

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Total control

Your home cinema can be connected to your smart home, or we can provide you with a universal remote for a single control, at your fingertips or smart device.

Home theatre

Some of our Projects

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