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Home cinemas have been a trend for a very long time now, and we see it as a necessary entertainment item for every home.


From designing the system to installing it, we ensure each home cinema system installed satisfies the client's requirements and meets our quality standards to give the best experience possible. Our cinema product ranges offer the flexibility in design, budget, and quality.


Want to make it a smart cinema? Just add one of our control systems and you are good to go!


It's what we call the A to Z solution, we build your entire home cinema room from scratch. Including interior design and all required equipment.


Want to get the best sound from your speakers and the best image from your projector? We calibrate your equipment by default upon installation.


Your home cinema can be connected to your smart home, or we can provide you with a universal remote for a single control, at your fingertips or smart device.


The Internet of Things "IoT" has changed our lives. We all own smart devices today (Android/iPhone), and their technologies have enabled us to have control over our homes no matter our location: Have full control on your lighting, curtains, air conditioning, security and audio video devices, activate scenes when you leave your house, set timers and schedules and even watch your security cameras.

We are certified with KNX (www.knx.org) which is one of the most popular standards in the world for building automation.

And we are also certified with Z-Wave (www.z-wavealliance.org) which is the most reliable wireless standard for smart homes.

All our solutions have been tested in-house. And all our solutions are also up-to-date, which means they are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Home.


Today, most modern homes are designed with centralized audio & video systems. We offer different product ranges to meet this standard along with the scalability, ease of use and quality. We also keep in mind the flexibility of allowing the client to connect external devices to the system from anywhere inside his premises.

Our systems are also controllable from your smart devices, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Home.